who am I?

I am an intuitive pianist based in Paris. I've started to play piano as a kid and now I am playing for more than 25 years by using the energy of her body, the piano’s vibrations, all the elements around: people, the room, the smells, the lights... each concert is a unique creation where the music performed is created through a strong intention to make people feel good and to let the emotions to be expressed.

I have performed concerts all over the world: France, UK, Iceland, Estonia, South-Africa, India, USA... and has played for many consciousness dance workshops (Movement Medicine, 5 rhythms, Integrative Dance, Contact Impro...)

Since 2019, I am a Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator (in training) and have developed the concept of “concert in movement” where I mix movement teaching and my music for holding spaces and invite to put into motion our emotions.

photo by Isabelle Chapuis

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